Wellspring of Life is a multifaceted ministry operating full time in Honduras and ongoing in Haiti. In Honduras our main focus is the #7 Widow’s Mite Home and drilling fresh water wells. The founders and directors of Wellspring of Life, Rev. Bob and Joyce Coder, and seven wonderful Honduran children make up the #7 Widow’s Mite Home and all live full time in Honduras. Through them, Wellspring of Life is able to provide so many various other ministries as well ranging from Well Drilling to Evangelism to Women’s Ministry and much more. In the country of Haiti, we have an ongoing medical mission under the direction of Board member Robin Demboski to various areas of Haiti, including regularly treating victims of the earthquake being cared for in a small village near Port-Au-Prince. We have many, many opportunities for you to partner with us! Whether it is being a prayer partner, donating financially or joining us in the field in Honduras or Haiti, Wellspring of Life needs you!